Saturday, May 19, 2007

early starts

Kids are complaining that they have to get up too early. The schools must start later, not earlier.
Also, kids are complaining about waking up too early on weekends because they're little sisters bug them. People must start the schools later. Go people!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Boonville is a lost town. Old but existing. The lost valley. It has great wine, food, and bars. It
is the vacation paradise. One thing I like about boonville is that it's hidden, funky, and old.It has
managed to stay standing unlike certain areas of Rome. That's also a good vacation place.
Keep standing Boonville!

Fake Flower Allergies

There is a very rare allergie of fake flowers. Very few people are allergric. But I keep wondering,
what it is that is the allergric reaction? what causes it? It's all a mystery. Scientists must solve it.
Go scientists!

Caribbean Reef Sharks

Caribbean reef sharks are interesting. Here are some facts about them.

size: 5-10 feet
ID: First dorsal fin behind pectoral, dusky fin tips
habitat: reefs and shallows

Those are just some of the facts about them. Let's learn more. I don't know if people are saving them. I think they're unpopular on the endangered species list. I think they are very interesting.
they're cool. One thing I like about them is they're unusual. they're also very pretty creatures.
I think they're interesting. They're very pretty and unusual. They have weird class names. Their
class name is Chondrichthyes. That's a very wierd class name don't you think? Imagine if your teachers last name was that-Ms.Chondrichtyes. That would be hard to pronounce. So be glad
your teachers last name wasn't that. Also, they're family and order names are really strange.
Here they are. Carcharhiniformes ( order ), Carcharinidae ( family ). They should try to save them. let's here it for Caribbean reef shark!

movie previews

As we all know a lot of movies are coming out soon. spider man, pirates 3, harry potter, etc.
I think these movies are great considering the trailers. As I said yesterday, America is really trying to make us happy. We love America!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

saving endangered species

People from all around the world are trying to save endangered species. This proves that we should not start war on other countries because they are helping us. Also, that will kill the endangered species of other countries. The country is really working to save endangered species.
Already they've removed bald eagle and grizzly bear from the endangered species list. I think that the country is really trying to save the animals. The people that are participating are trying to give us the chance to see these animals. We should respect them.