Friday, May 18, 2007

Caribbean Reef Sharks

Caribbean reef sharks are interesting. Here are some facts about them.

size: 5-10 feet
ID: First dorsal fin behind pectoral, dusky fin tips
habitat: reefs and shallows

Those are just some of the facts about them. Let's learn more. I don't know if people are saving them. I think they're unpopular on the endangered species list. I think they are very interesting.
they're cool. One thing I like about them is they're unusual. they're also very pretty creatures.
I think they're interesting. They're very pretty and unusual. They have weird class names. Their
class name is Chondrichthyes. That's a very wierd class name don't you think? Imagine if your teachers last name was that-Ms.Chondrichtyes. That would be hard to pronounce. So be glad
your teachers last name wasn't that. Also, they're family and order names are really strange.
Here they are. Carcharhiniformes ( order ), Carcharinidae ( family ). They should try to save them. let's here it for Caribbean reef shark!

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